The PreVenture program was developed by Dr. Patricia Conrod, a Clinical Psychologist and Professor of Psychiatry at University of Montreal. Dr. Conrod's research focuses on risk factors for youth substance misuse and mental health problems with a view to understanding why early onset substance use is so highly concurrent with other mental health concerns and future addiction.

The PreVenture Program, a brief, personality-targeted, mental health intervention for adolescents, was created in response to evidence showing how personality factors can be highly predictive of who goes on to develop problems with alcohol and substance misuse.

Multiple randomized controlled trials showed PreVenture to have a strong effect on delaying alcohol and substance use among adolescents. Additionally the program demonstrated a positive effect on several mental health issues that may co-occur with substance misuse.

The PreVenture Program continues to be part of multiple research projects with the aim to creating new adaptations for a wider audience.